Charlie teamed up with Steve to dive the wreck of the 'Nosahy K'.
The Horses Mouth!
  Lots of great photos from the local area and Marine Reserve

"The Med's not Dead, just open your eyes,... and your mind"
"Elvis" and "The Ghost"
are a couple of large shy grouper that we sneak up on at
The Abyss at Esparta island,and the Haystack.
Below, a rare shot of the "Ghost" at the Haystack.
"Elvis,  on the wall at the Abyss,
Esparta (taken at 8m distance),
Left-  Xerna at the Haystack
Obvious why its called "Dicks Point".
"Close Encounters of the Weird Kind"
             a Med. jellyfish
Watching Dolphins off Esparta.
  "Now you see it,
    Now you don't"
The wreck of the EC-DRC that crash landed off Cala Tarida, was towed away by a glass bottom boat soon after these photos were taken
Ex Sea Horse students, father and daughter, Geoff and Jenny, having
a look around the cockpit!
The pilot cheated death and walked (swam) away with minor injuries after ditching in the sea. He crashed a similar publicity towing aircraft in a field in San Rafael the following year and has since been given the nickname 'lucky'.
Dolphins under the bow
of "lill Pegasus" was a 'first'
for Justin from Chester BSAC.
Photo:Jenny Staddon
This is what we saw on the way to thedive site !!!
A SunFish,  or  a  Poisson de lune (Moonfish),
Its taken me almost !0 years and many attempts to get a photo of wild dolphins underwater .
Not a pipe. Thats the prop shaft!
The "Margaritas" and  the "Pillars of Hercules" are a couple of our spectacular cave dives.
Carl from Wrexham BSAC with a  ray at the "Haystack".
Dolphins off the bow of "Siroco".
Heading out on "Lill Pegasus"
Harder to Spot,  a big Eagle Ray! (middle/right/top)
Yellow Sea Horse September            Black Sea Horse  June

                                    Flying Gurnard
Fireworm on the loose...
                        JOHN DORY on the
                         wreck at Ses Torretas
Piper Grunard
Spanish Dancer  (left/above) and  all the fish below are photos from our Intro Dives at Port des Torrent  beach (Dive Centre)
                           Slipper Lobster
Barracudas 'attacked'  (well, disturbed anyway!) students Aurelie, Ben and Nic in the middle of  their hovering exercise!
Ray at 'Snakes & Ladders'
Having a WHALE of a time - Twice! Watching a Humpback Whale -  near Cala Salada on our Sunset Trip
Pipe Fish
'Mola Mola'  Sun Fish
.....and this baby Thornback Ray